PT. Dananjaya Design Nusantara
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Ahmad Ghazy Dananjaya
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Dananjaya Design, a leading architecture and interior consulting firm in Indonesia, was established in 2020 with its initial focus on housing solutions in the country. Subsequently, in 2023, the company underwent a transformation to become "PT. Dananjaya Design Nusantara," while retaining its Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Design divisions under the name "Dananjaya Design." The company's philosophy is rooted in creating life balance through positive relationships with God, the environment, and fellow beings. Dananjaya Design is committed to bringing comfort and luxury akin to a vacation experience through interior and architectural designs that harness natural lighting, comfortable spatial arrangements, and captivating aesthetic elements. With expertise in designing various types of buildings and a commitment to high-quality standards, safety, and affordability, Dananjaya Design is poised to help realize harmonious and exquisite living spaces for its clients.
Jalan Terusan Dago Punclut, Pagermaneuh, Lembang, Bandung
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